Linus Pauling: A Centenary Exhibit


Einstein and Pauling
Photo inscribed "To Linus Pauling" from Albert Einstein. Einstein headed the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, organized to tell the public that the atomic bomb required new thinking about peace and politics. After Pauling joined the Committee, he became friends with Einstein, and took him as an example of moral action by scientists in the modern world.


Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Nobel Prize for Chemistry


Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Awarded to Pauling for his overall work on the chemical bond - a departure from the usual award of the prize for a single important discovery.

Throughout the 1950s, Pauling was investigated by government agencies because of his peace activities, which during this cold war period aroused suspicion. Pauling's right to travel was restricted, and he was not certain he would be allowed a passport to receive the Nobel prize. His passport was not approved until just two weeks before the award ceremony in Stockholm.

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